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Flow Manager

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At Starship, we are redefining how goods reach the places in which we live. We see a future where a new generation of convenience services becomes available to everyone – made possible by our awesome autonomous neighbourhood robots. We have brought together some incredible talent and have entered commercial pilots with hundreds of robots driving along sidewalks across the United States and four countries in Europe. We believe that soon there will be thousands of our robots around the world.
Starship is looking for a well-rounded Robot and Flow Manager who can solve problems that the service might encounter. Our team supports the flow of service and corresponding support teams such as the Hypervisors, CS/MS and our numerous onsite staff and operates the robot in a safe and sensible manner in certain traffic situations.
Primary responsibilities:
React to bottlenecks in live service using alerts and through direct communication with active Hypervisors and Onsite staff.

- Report on larger scale issues we see.

- Facilitate the safe and fast crossing of robo jams.

- Use the Hypervisor tools to monitor global service for issues.

- Make sure our loading and Idle areas onsite are in tip top condition.

- Communicate with multiple teams both internal and external to Operations.